0 Trees4Future training activities

0.1 Summary

In T4F Training workshops were arranged to facilitate cross-disciplinary transfer of knowledge and skills. The training activities had as their main target groups the researchers involved in the project network and other researchers in Europe active in the sector and cross-sectoral stakeholders. The training sessions had the aim of disseminating the results of the research activities and developed tools amongst the research community and stakeholder groups in the sector.

During training workshops, the participants got fully involved in the learning process. They included small and large group discussions, activities and exercises, and opportunities to practice applying the concepts that were presented. They focussed in some cases on a smaller, but very specialized audience. These were stand-alone events or arranged back to back with project meetings or other project network events. The main target audiences for the workshops were the forest research community as well as forest-wood chain industries and the professional community.

The training workshops disseminated the results of the research activities to all researchers involved in Trees4Future over all research activities in the project. The researchers were trained to further transfer the gained skills and knowledge to researchers in their own institutes and organizations. WP4 charted the training needs in the initial stage of the project, and coordinated the training activities throughout the network.

Through the lifespan of the project each Work Package organised training events on the specific topics related to the scope of the Work Package and on topics overarching the work of several work packages in combined workshops.

In this final stage of the project the training materials used in the training session are now bundled in this deliverable D4.5 so that they can be further used to organise training seminars via workshops or webinars.

0.2 Training workshop materials

The training materials of training sessions have been bundled according to the Work Packages involved in the organisation of these activities. The training materials are provided together with the programme of the training sessions. These packages of information provided by the different Work Packages allow any interested person to go through the training session with the provided course materials, or to organise training events in which the presentations, course materials and web based tools can be used.

The presented workshop programme includes in some cases regional examples provided by the local organisers of the training sessions. These regional cases studies are examples and can be changed in accordance to the training needs of the target audience.

Select the training programme you want to enquire further about:

  1. Standardisation of trait assessment methodologies and development of high‐throughput phenotyping tools
  2. BreedR - A statistical R-package for genetic evaluation of trees
  3. Access and Benefit Sharing of Forest Genetic Resources
  4. Development of genetic resources - current SNP genotyping methods and associated molecular marker development using next-generation sequencing
  5. EFISCEN training