The climate matching tool

The current release of the climate matching tool is available here.

There is a requirement, for tools to identify regions, not just within Europe but globally, where forest reproductive material may be suitable for adapting forestry to reduce the impacts of climate change through actions of assisted migration. Such a method can provide information and aid societal understanding of changes in the suitability of tree species and provenance across Europe. This will help adaptation thinking to develop resilient forest ecosystems and a resilient forestry business sector.

The tool identifies locations around the world where the current climate is most similar to the future climate of a selected European site for a range of possible climates (from General Circulation Models) for different climate periods (for example 2030s, 2050s and 2080s) and different SRES scenarios. This version of the model covers only sites in Europe.

breedR: an statistical R-package for genetic evaluation of trees

Statistical modelling is a preliminary key step when assessing forest trials, but experimental data is becoming increasingly complex and massive.

The breedR package provides frequentist and Bayesian statistical tools to build predictive models useful for breeders, quantitative genetists and forest genetic resources analysts communities. It aims to assess the genetic value of individuals under a number of situations, including spatial autocorrelation, genetic/environment interaction and competition.

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Clearing House

The T4F Clearing House is available here.