IUFRO Genomics and Forest Tree Genetics Conference

Jan 22, 2016

A conference jointly organised by the four working parties of IUFRO subdivision 2.4 (Genetics) with two side events: Genomic Selection workshop & IUFRO Task Force meeting.

The conference is held 30 May - 3 June in Arcachon, France.

The objective of this conference is to  present and discuss new scientific findings in the area of population, quantitative and evolutionary genetics and how they can be applied in genetic resource conservation and breeding. Participants may submit contributions from empirical, experimental and theoretical pieces of works, that address key leading scientific and applied issues.

Sessions include:

  • Local adaptation & speciation
  • Linking phenotype, genotype & environment
  • Abiotic stress responses & biotic interactions
  • Phylogenetics & genomic evolution
  • Genomics in breeding & conservation
  • Resources, tools & methods

Programme and speakers:

The conference also includes a workshop on genomic selection:

Deadline for oral or poster presentations: 29 February

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