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Nov 12, 2015

A Trees4Future training workshop will be held on the use of the statistical package breedR from 10-11 December 2015 at the Forest Research Institute, Sekocin Stary, Poland.

breedR provides frequentist and Bayesian statistical tools to build predictive models useful for breeders, quantitative genetists and forest genetic resources analysts communities. It aims to assess the genetic value of individuals under a number of situations, including spatial autocorrelation, genetic/environment interaction and competition.

The local training is dedicated for people who would like to get knowledge about the package and use it in their daily work. The language of the seminar is English.

The workshop will be led by Facundo Muñoz from INRA (Orléans) with the help of local organizers. After the presentation (showing the functionality of the program), participants will work on their own data, present the results and discuss them.

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Participants are obliged to cover their costs of travel, meals and accommodation. There is no other fee to attend in the workshop.

The registration deadline is 25 November.

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Phone: +48 22 7150 472; e-mail:
Phone: +48 22 7150 472; e-mail: m.rzoń