INRA Transfert SA

INRA Transfert is a fully-owned subsidiary of INRA founded in 2001 as part of its effort to exploit research results and innovative technologies, and develop them into concrete business opportunities. IT is originally a technology transfer company specialised in the field of innovating technologies arising from agriculture-related research. The Europe Department of INRA was additionally created in 2004 with the purpose of strengthening the participation of INRA in the European Research Area. Its mission is to help INRA researchers and partners setup projects in response to EC calls and to manage them once selected by the EC.

Thanks to a team combining scientific background, project management skills and good knowledge of EC programmes, the Europe department of INRA Transfert has a strong expertise in: helping researchers in the conception, construction and writing of relevant proposals; managing collaborative research projects. IT is currently supporting INRA in managing two Infrastructure projects as well as numerous FP7 projects and FP6 projects, collaborative projects and networks.