Institut national de la recherche agronomique

INRA is the first European research institute for agronomic research. The research conducted at INRA concerns agriculture, food, nutrition and food safety, environment and land management, with particular emphasis on sustainable development.

Three different research units and three experimental platforms of INRA representing 18 researchers are contributing to Trees4Future. As a whole, these units are conducting for more than 50 years breeding programmes, genetics and ecophysiology research for main forest tree species in France. Particular expertise has been developed in ecophysiology (water use efficiency and drought tolerance), population and molecular genetics of trees, genomics and genetic dissection of complex traits, short and long-term breeding strategies and propagation techniques. Large facilities for field experimentation are available: more than 1,200 ha of field experiments, 40 ha of nurseries, large greenhouses, climatic chambers, controlled crosses, disease evaluation laboratory, wood quality laboratories.