Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa

The Department of Silviculture and Genetics of IBL investigates the genetic diversity of forest trees by applying quantitative and molecular genetic methods. The researchers are involved in various scientific committees engaged in the conservation of biodiversity and forest genetic resources (eg. national Forest Gene Bank, EUFORGEN).

The Institute maintains several provenance trials of major forest tree species (some of them belong to the IUFRO network) and experimental plots around Poland, including Bialowieza Forest. The team members have a great competence in quantitative genetics, field work and phenotyping, but also in the application of neutral DNA marker technology to biodiversity oriented research of forest trees. The IBL manages one of the ISS plots established in Blizyn in frame on the Evoltree project. The Institute is currently involved in the Treebreedex project, as a part of 6th Framework Programme. The Department has established a strong collaboration with State Forests and it has great capabilities to disseminate research findings to practice. The Institute makes a strong impact on policy making regarding biodiversity of forest ecosystems.