Forest Research

FR is the research agency of the state-owned British Forestry Commission. FR carries out scientific research into sustainable forest and woodland management. It has specialists trained across all disciplines from pathology to social forestry. FR has an extensive field-station network across Britain.

FR has been responsible for the genetic improvement of the economically important species grown in Britain for over 60 years. It has experience in selecting superior phenotypes and evaluating Breeding Values based on data collected in field-based genetic trials. More recently it has moved into the area of DNA-markers to improve breeding efficiencies.

The area of Ecological Site Classification (ESC) which describes sites and climate and suggests suitable adapted species has been developed over the last 10 years. FR is a world leader in the area of climate matching which includes modeling predictions of climate change and how this might impact on future species choice. Another new area for FR over the last 10 years has been the introduction of a Social Forestry department.