Management structure


Trees4Future management structure


The Coordinator of the project is INRA, represented by Dr. Luc E. Pâques. His very primary role is to represent the Consortium towards the EC and the Consortium as well as to be the promoter and supervisor of the overall progress of the project. The Coordinator will be responsible, among other tasks defined by the EC Contract and the Consortium Agreement, for:

  • Chairing the Executive Committee and the General Assembly and taking all actions to enable proper decision making by this decision body;
  • Ensuring smooth operation of the project: work plan maintenance, monitoring project progress, analysing result, identification of trouble and consequences for future research;
  • Writing periodic reports on progress of the project, partner activity;
  • Submitting all required progress reports, deliverables and financial statements to the EC;
  • Communicating all information in connection with the Project to the Commission;
  • Transferring the advance payments and further payments to the participants as per the provisional budget and the actual expenses approved by the General Assembly.

The coordinator will oversee the joint research activities (WP6, WP7, WP8, WP9, WP10, WP11).


The coordinator is supported by Alterra, represented by Gert-Jan Nabuurs. The vice-coordinator is responsible for overseeing the Networking activities (WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4).

General Assembly

To ensure the relevance of the project implementation plan with respect to the advancement of the project as well as external changes, the General Assembly will:
Analyse performance indicators, major risks and all other relevant information provided by the Executive Committee;
Take into account analysis on the evolution of the context in which the project is carried out, notably, scientific, legal, societal, economic aspects, etc.

Meetings of the General Assembly are held once a year, unless the interest of the project may require intermediate meetings. In this case, the General Assembly meetings are held by decision of the Coordinator or by at least 50% of its members. The General Assembly makes decisions upon a two-thirds majority. The secretariat of the General Assembly is ensured by the Administrative Team.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the decision-implementing body of the project. It is made up of the leaders of each workpackage and chaired by the coordinator Dr Luc E. Pâques or the Vice-coordinator Gert-Jan Nabuurs as and when appropriate. The Executive Committee will be in charge of the operational management of all the activities of Trees4Future. It will also prepare the decisions to be taken by the General Assembly (concerning the description of work, budget and allocation of the contribution, etc.) and ensure that these decisions are properly implemented, integrate recommendations, survey ethical and gender issues. In terms of decision making each project partner represented in the Executive Committee will have one vote.

The Executive Committee will also be in charge of resource management of workpackages. The Executive Committee will be supported by the work of the Administrative Team including quality control and preparing meetings with the EC, including preparation and transmission of deliverables.

Meetings of the Executive Committee are held twice a year (unless the interest of the projects may require intermediate meetings) to discuss progress and to raise problems that may arise within workpackages to identify solutions and to minimize knock-on effects of this highly integrated project. This Executive Committee will work interactively, communicating regularly through the collaborative platform and audio/visio tools.

TNA user selection panel

The objective of the Transnational Access User Selection Panel will be to select the candidates from the calls for access in line with the guidelines for the call set up in WP5. The Selection panel will be selected by the Executive Committee at the project start and the membership will be reviewed further to each call. The Selection panel will play a role in evaluating the impact of the calls for access and also serve to advise the Executive Committee on the strategy for self-sustainability and project exploitation.

External advisory board

The Advisory Board will be made up of representatives from a range of stakeholders, and will provide a bridge between the primarily the workplan and the policy, environmental and societal requirements. The Advisory Board will also contribute an independent assessment to the Executive Committee and provide guidance throughout the project.